Fight against wage theft in Auburn – Fresh Cut

Today 26 August 2017, SydSol and the ASF-IWA took action in Auburn in support of four workers who were exploited at Fresh Cut, a factory owned by [Auburn restaurant]’s owner, without receiving any pay. Melinda, Sheila, Suko and Ulya working holiday makers from Indonesia, were promised $120 per day, working 5-6 hours daily at a vegetable processing factory. They collectively worked 34 days in May and June and are owed a total of $4,080.

The boss also owns [a restaurant in Auburn] and never paid a cent in spite of multiple requests and reminders. SydSol is protesting this abuse at the restaurant, more susceptible to public pressure. The workers contacted the ASF-IWA and SydSol for help and are demanding the boss pay them the full $4,080 they are owed: Melinda 10 days, Ulya 6 days, Sheila 3 days and Suko 15 days.

With your help, SydSol will continue to protest and let potential customers know about how the restaurant owner handles his factory business and treats workers. We have had great community response, with an overwhelming majority of passersby showing interest and support for our action. Let’s keep this up until all wages are paid! Together we are strong and we will overcome.

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Note: we edited the restaurant’s name out of the post and picture as a courtesy once they paid the workers.

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