Victory at cafe in Redfern!


Sydsol wins again! After three actions at the Perfect Cup cafe in Redfern, Josie has been paid her superannuation. This was only $365 which was a tiny proportion of the profits the boss would have gained from her labour.

Josie had worked at Perfect Cup for three months but had not been paid any superannuation. All employees earning over $450 in a month are entitled to 9.25% superannuation on top of wages earned, but despite multiple requests, Perfect Cup refused to pay up. So SydSol took action.

Josie writes: “The last visit was a memorable experience. Fifteen of us walked with the Sydsol banner from Regent street along Redfern Street, settled ourselves outside the cafe, and handed out flyers to passers by while we chanted ‘Pay Josie her super!’ and ‘The people united will never be defeated!’ The boss was visibly rattled and tried all manner of things to get rid of us – statements, pleas, lies, insults, bargaining, empty threats of calling the police and finally a promise to pay me on Monday etc. He thought he may prompt us to leave by stating: ‘You are affecting my business’, but of course that didn’t work, as the answer was: ‘Good. That’s what we are here for’.”

“We stood fast for at least our planned time which was half an hour. The public walking by were also very interested and supportive except for a couple who seemed to have been invited by the boss to provoke a stoush which very nearly happened.  It was so good to see the boss for once beholden to the workers instead of the other way around. I felt so empowered when I confronted him and said, ‘You are a liar. I don’t trust you. I don’t believe a word you are saying. Only when I see the money transferred will I believe you. We are going to keep coming back here until you pay up.’ Even after this experience he thought he could get away with not paying me. I had to remind him again via text and it took him three weeks after the latest action to finally pay up.”

“However, I was determined not to give up so I knew, no matter how long it took, I was going to win. Nevertheless, I could not have done it without the help of everyone who organised, advertised and turned up. Viva SydSol!!”

One thought on “Victory at cafe in Redfern!

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